Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Respect and Honor

     Some of you may know of the contemporary Christian band, For King and Country.  (If not, you can find out about them here!)
     While at Winter Jam last year, I listened to their performance, and they shared about what they mean by the return to respect and honor.

     Here is a quote on what these Respect and Honor bracelets mean:

     "This is a message especially for ladies.  Often our culture says to talk and to act and to dress like you are worth nothing more than a penny.  But there is a God who says you are priceless."

     But not only girls wear these bracelets!  Luke and Joel also wear them as a reminder to step up and stand up, to treat women with respect and honor.

     It would be amazing to start a counter-cultural revolution of returning to respect and honor concerning the opposite gender.  Our culture has objectified women (through immodesty and pornography) and removed a lot of the respect out of relationships.  Some dating has turned into self-focused instead of God-focused.

     I wear the Respect and Honor bracelet on my right wrist - so that when I meet a guy for the first time and shake his hand, I look down at see how I am supposed to treat him: with respect and honor.

     I have shared with you my tendency to jump to conclusions with young men.  I have to stop myself from seeing them as their potential (He'd make a nice ____________) instead of seeing them for who they are now: a brother in the Lord.

     If you are interested in joining this counter-cultural movement, you can purchase the bracelet for five dollars here


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