Tuesday, November 11, 2014

A Thankful Heart: Day Five

Well, typical Chloe, it's been a crazy couple of days, but I'm back on track.  For now at least.
Day five.  There were so many blessings today, I just was overwhelmed.  So, to make up for the days inbetween, here are five reasons for gratitude on this belated day five of my thankful challenge.

) My little three year old sister who came running in last night during prayers because "tomorrow is Taco Tuesday!"  We may or may not have viewed the Lego movie too much lately.

2) My favorite Matt Maher song played on my way to class this morning.  Commence Catholic fan girl mode.

3) My little sister Emma let me borrow her warm jacket, so I was able to walk back and forth to classes today feeling ice and toasty.

4) The little girl who I give guitar lessons to tonight said Monday nights were not so bad anymore because of our lessons.

5) I got to have a great chat with an elderly lady who came into work last night who said she just needed someone to listen and talk to.  We were able to talk about her holiday traditions now that her family has passed away.
GOD IS SO GOOD.  And He constantly finds ways to meet you exactly where you are and make you better...sometimes we just have to open our eyes.
God bless!
Chloe M.

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