Wednesday, August 22, 2012

True Love Waits
     I was reading an article on LifeTeen a couple days ago and ran into the above song by Mumford and Sons.  What a refreshing melody!  In response to the hit song of the summer,  Call Me Maybe, here is a song about waiting for the one who God wants you to be with and saving yourself for marriage!

     My favorite lyrics have to be:  Now I'll be bold As well as strong, a
nd use my head alongside my heart. 

     I can't wait to get married (if that will be my vocation) and walk up to the altar in a white wedding dress and look at my beloved and give him my purity ring, and say, "This is everything.  I have saved everything for you.  I have prayed for you everyday and stayed strong for you."  What an amazing wedding gift!!

     I will wait for my beloved.  I will treat all with respect and honor, and as children of God, and be a city on a hill against a culture of darkness.  Will you join me in a quest for a sweeter song?

     Do you wear a purity ring?  Have you heard the new Mumford and Son's song?  Let me know in the comments below!

God Bless,

Chloe M. 




  1. Hey Chloe :)

    What a cool song! I read about it on lifeteen, but I didn't stop to listen to it (too bad for me :P).

    Actually, before a month ago, I had never heard of purity rings. I don't have one right now, but I'm thinkin' that I might get one later.

    Ria :) (<---new Catholic blog!)

  2. I wear a purity ring, guys can too!

    -A Catholic in a Suit

    1. Hi Tim,

      Yes - we have a guy in our youth group who wears one, too - they are definatly not just for girls. Thank you for your commitment to purity!

      God bless,