Friday, May 3, 2013


Yes, I know how early it is right now.  The funnier
thing is that I actually have today off from work.
I woke up, looked at my phone which said 5:40 am
and somewhere in my weird mind that meant "time to get up."
I do not know why.  So I made cinnamon rolls. Which
are always the answer, right?


Guys, it cannot get any better than this: Resale Royalty
It's a new show on the style network that premieres on May 12th
at 9/8C.  It's about a family run consignment store.  It will probably turn
sour quick with language and junk - but the idea is fantastic!


The reason I took off work today is because
of a homeschool graduate blessing at Mass this afternoon.
The joint reception for graduates and first communicates
was supposed to be at the Church's playground and outdoor shelter.
But we got hit with that freak snow/rain/hail/sleet storm, so we'll
be inside playing board games....which sounds like my kind of party.


We also have Bible Study tonight with the youth group.
I love Bible Study.  It is usually the only time I get to see the youth
group because of my work schedule.  It also is the cause for the cinnamon
rolls I'm baking now.  Win-win, I tell ya!


I. Love. This. T-Shirt.  It is the most awesome
homeschooler shirt I've ever seen.  Inside the "13" is the
descriptions for yearbook - ie "class clown," "most
likely to succeed."  The awesome thing about being in a
homeschooled class of ones, I'm all those things tied into one - with
no competition! Bam!

Class of 2013 T-shirt -- Girls

It's a sad day in America when girls as young as 15
can get the morning after pill.  Regardless of what the media
has been saying (lying) about it, the morning
after pill is an abortifacient.  But this administration
doesn't want girls to be "punished with a baby" (Obama).
Without having to have parental permission
for the drug now, it's untold how many innocent lives will be
snuffed out without anyone noticing.
Mother Mary, protect us and shield us with your mantel.

It has not been a good week in the fix-it
department around our house. Thursday the refrigerator
filter broke and flooded our hardwood kitchen floor, and then
preceded to soak the basement ceiling.  The boys broke
their light/fan in their room when they decided to sword fight
the fan (they won!) and then Liam saw to it that Mom's sidetable
saw some damage.  I'm afraid now that I'm going to break
my arm, with my luck.  This will be a very cautiuous weekend,
let me tell you!

Have a great weekend and God Bless!

Chloe M.  

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