Friday, May 10, 2013

We had an awesome Bible study
last Friday night where we were able to 
talk about the hardest aspect of defending
the Catholic faith was for each person.
It was a really great conversation - thanks
youth group!

I only have two Saturdays left this month where
I'll be working eight hour days.  In June my
schedule goes down to just two Saturdays
a month where I have to work - and it's only four hours!

I was at the gym watching TV and
ran across this special about the Hope Diamond.
Guys - it was awesome.  Plus, I realized how
much I love history.
major anyone?

Mother's Day is this weekend - are you
ready?  Remember to thank your mom
for doing all she does.  Lifeteen
has some awesome articles.
I especially liked the letter to Mary thanking
her for being our mother.

For snapchat users:  Research
has come out that shows that your photos
aren't actually deleted after ten seconds...
please use common sense and Christian
wisdom when sending pictures: Article

Do you know what is addicting?
Words With Friends.
Enough said.

Countdown to Freshman
Orientation: thirteen days!
Everyone in the blogging
world seems to be talking about
graduation....I'm just starting!

God bless,

Chloe M.  

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