Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Today We Vote - First as Catholics, Second as Americans. 

     Here we are.  After what seems like endless campaign mud-slinging, debates, accusations, insults, and injuries, today is November sixth.

     What does this mean?  It means that we, the American People, have been giving the immense blessing of the ability to vote.  Many men and women before us have died to give us this right.
  Many men and women right now would die for this right.  Do we appreciate this? 

     We are Christians before we are Americans.  When we go to the voting place today, we are to vote to uphold Christian principles.  But what about the religion of the candidate? We have to look at the actions instead of the name. 

     Barack Obama is a nominal Protestant.  His family occasionally attends Church, he prays, and he professes a belief in Jesus Christ.  Yet his campaign and first four year term is riddled with abortion support, homosexual marriage support, attempts to tear apart religious freedom, and hatred of Israel.

     Mitt Romney is a Mormon.  His family and himself believe in the Book of Mormon, a literal gathering of the Israelite tribes, and through the atonement of Christ, all men are saved.  And His campaign has shown a pro-life, pro-traditional marriage, and pro-Israel track record.

     There are other candidates, quietly campaigning in comparison to Romney and Obama, but they are there.  They, perhaps, are more nominally and action-wise lined up with Catholicism.  Yet they are unknown to the public sector and do not have a reasonable and logical chance at winning the presidency.  They have run their campaigns as an example and a witness to morality and justice.

     Yet we are at a turning point in this country.  And one vote that is not for Romney is a vote for Obama.  We cannot afford Obama as a country right now.  We couldn't afford it in 2008, and our national debt levels speak that fact loud and clear.  If America chooses Obama for another four years, maybe we don't deserve the second chance we have been given. 
     What is a Catholic to do?  I believe the choice is clear.  Following the teachings of the Catholic Church, we vote to uphold and respect her in all that we do.  We vote for religious freedom.  We vote for traditional marriage.  We vote for life, beginning at conception and ending at natural death.  We vote for standing with Israel.  We vote for truthful economic rebuilding.  We vote for Mitt Romney because we vote for a brighter future than the one we are looking at now.

 God Bless,

Chloe M.


  1. I live in Canada, but I'm praying for you guys today. It's scary to think how this election could affect America...

    1. Thank you Ria! Working on giving it all to God. Let's storm Heaven!