Monday, February 11, 2013

Why all the disrespect?

Pope Benedict's resignation has caused a spark that has developed into a rolling flame of hatred coming in from the social media.  This raises a simple question:


Why the lack of sympathy?  Why the sudden hatred for the Pope?  Why the outrage at Catholicism in general?

Yet when we belong to the Church founded by Christ Himself, we are bond to make some enemies who cannot resist attempting to take us down with nothing but crude langauge and talk.  The only thing certain in the following month to come is that this new selection, like all the selections before it, will be overseen by the power of the Holy Spirit.  We should thank God for such a fine Pope that we have been given through Pope Benedict and ask God for a worthy succesor.   

Yet if we put this happening in a different situation, there would be a different reaction.  For instance, if this was a Muslim cleric resigning from a high position, there would be no such outrage, language, and hatred.  Examples from twitter include:

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